JG-350 Table Top Commercial 3500W Electric Induction Cooker For Restaurant


Model : JG-350

Size : 350*440*115mm

Electric Induction Cooker

Model : JG-350      Size : 350*440*115mm

Volt : 220v  3.5kw     NW :12KG

Prouct details :

1. Polished Crystal Plate Surface with digital LED Display key control or magnetic control
2. Timer Function to Cook Food with Precision
3. Industrial grade quality- Long service time
4. Safety: overheating, over/low voltage, over current protection protection,
and automatically shut off if lack of pot for ultimate safety
5. Wide applications & portable, Can be used in restaurant/hotel.
6. Material, Size, Power can be customized
7. Electro-magnetic cooking system or infared cooking system
8. Energy saving and environment protection- no combustion, no carbon monoxide
9. Uniform heating quickly, and can fast heat dissipation; Working for long hours
10. Wear resistance& easy maintenance:
Premium ceramic glass surface ensures excellent wear resistance and easy cleaning after use


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