EB-2M CE Certified Commercial Electric Pizza Oven With Stone for Baking


Model :EB-2M

Size : 560*530*430mm

Electric Pizza Oven With Stone

Model :EB-2M            Size : 560*530*430mm

Intermal size : 425*385*210mm

Volt : 220v    Hp :3kw    NW :36kg

Product details :

4 pieces of 12 inches pizza can be cooked each time.
Two temperature controller and the temperature setting range is 50 to 500℃
* Stainless steel front Door and front Panel, Hot dip aluminum sheet internal chamber, Powder coating.
* Mechanical thermostat controls separate for upper and lower heating element inside each deck.
* Reinforced door for easy service and frequency open and close operation.
* Reinforced high temperate glass window for monitor pizza baking condition.
* Long live halogen lighting system for better to check pizza baking process.
* CE certification by Factory Declaration of Conformity and Self statement

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