EB-2 Commercial Baking Equipment Double Layer Electric Pizza Oven With Stones


Model : EB-2

Size : 900*820*750mm

Electric Pizza Oven

Model : EB-2     Size : 900*820*750mm

Volt : 380v  8.4kw  NW : 90KG

Product details :

Furnace size: 610*610*143mm
Can cook 8 12-inch pizzas at a time.
Four temperature controllers, temperature setting range 50~500℃
1. Contains boric acid hollow tablets, which absorb heat quickly and have good atomization effect.
Makes pizza taste even more outstanding.
2. Each layer has independent temperature control, which can be adjusted up to 500 degrees.
It is energy-saving, reasonable in structure and easy to operate.
3. The electric pizza oven has a combined radiant/convection cooking system,
Use a common heat source located outside the oven cavity.
4. Utilize a combined convection and radiant heat system for the cooking process
5. In a typical arrangement,
A convection system includes a fan assembly and an electric heat source disposed in a housing mounted behind or above the oven cavity.
6. In addition, a separate radiant baking element is usually located in the lower area of the oven cavity.



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